There is nothing more exciting for us than creating a new jewelry design. At Love You This Much, knowing how delighted our customers are when they receive a genuinely remarkable piece of jewelry is what keeps us doing what we love.

The inspiration for a new design comes from a variety of approaches. Open and friendly discussion is the most effective way to offer a personalized service that helps understand customer needs.

We will sometimes survey our customers and community to determine if there is a desire for new products or improvements. We use this information to provide our customers with an excellent experience and craft unique jewelry that doesn't break the bank.


The type of materials we use depends on the jewelry specifications. We typically settle on either pure surgical steel or 925 sterling silver for the base material. We may opt for fine metals, in rare cases, coating them with pure rose gold or gold layers depending on the design.

We ultimately aim to select suitable materials to create robust, durable and allergy-friendly products. We also have a very strict no black or green marks policy which we achieve by using only the purest and authentic, high-quality materials.


Once the various aspects of the individual jewelry piece are decided, we begin to produce a testing phase sample. During this phase, we craft the piece and take it through a strict quality control test that includes the following:

  • Exposing the piece to water

  • Straining the piece to check for durability
  • Testing band strength
  • Testing gemstone settings (if applicable)
  • Testing for metal fade resistance

If the jewelry piece successfully passes the quality-controlled tests, only then it is ready for production. If it does not pass, it goes back to the sampling process until we have a design that is ready for production.


This is the exciting part!

At this point in the testing process, we have finished the first production batches and are ready to launch the newly designed product in the hopes of fulfilling the wishes, wants, and needs of our customers!

Essentially, we want to provide you with exceptional and distinctly designed products. We are confident that our crafting abilities surpass all other jewelry manufacturers with our uniquely designed jewelry, and rigorous quality-controlled testing process.

We hope this explains how we utilize best practices when producing our jewelry. Rest assured knowing we dare to stand behind the quality of our products and that you can expect nothing but the best from Love You This Much.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee - In the unlikely event the receiver doesn't love their gift, simply return it to us for a full refund.

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